Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NY City and SU! My digital Studio

Well it seems like I took another hiatus from posting and this time from crafting. I haven't really had the time to make much of anything worth sharing lately. We did take an awesome trip to New York City with the family. Believe it or not - my camera broke so I only have a few pictures that my DD took. Here we are outside of Wicked.
I just bought SU!s My Digital Studio and tried my hand at my first digital page. I know that the program can do lots more than I attempted. I plan to mostly use the digital program for hybrid projects. I still really love the feel of paper and there is something soothing to me to a paper project.But this was fun to play with and pull together while watching TV tonight with the girls. Any one watch Chuck? They've got me hooked and we're catching up on the past seasons.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm hoping to get some paper time later this week - or maybe go to a yarn store to figure out how to attractively attach the handles to a crochet purse I've made (that is so far my fav all time purse I've made - or anything I've crochet) but more about that later - when its done


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