Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passover Crafty

Another Craft It Wednesday inspired post!!As I figured - belonging to Craft It Wednesday has motivated me to share and/or create.
So tomorrow is the first Sedar of Passover and we will be hosting at our house this year. I decided I wanted to make some Passover specific flower holders for centerpieces. During a Sedar there is ALOT of stuff that has to go on the table so I wanted a centerpiece with a small footprint and was low enough that people could see over.

I love african violets and this was a great excuse to get some new ones!!. I took some matza and broke it and hot glued it together to make a planter...let me tell you a couple of things - it is really difficult to break matza into approximately the same size rectangles - and it makes a HUGE mess!! LOL - crumbs all over the place. Unfortunately - I couldn't find our hot glue gun so I used one of those low heat hot glue guns --- yuck - I don't like them! They asre better for kids to use but the glue hardens so fast its really difficult to get the matza on their fast enough!

I  decided to make the second planter from some scrapbook supplies. I really like the bright cheery flowers in this paper. I took some twill and made it Passover Twill. I used brown stayz on ink and the Judaic stamp set from PaperTrey Ink. - I didn't get a picture of all of it - but I really like how it came out!!
So tomorrow - before I cook - I really would like to make another planter - if I do I'll try and post a picture. My goal is to use another piece of the twill I stamped at the same time -some scrapbook paper and maybe to "hot" glue a piece or two of matzo to it.

For those of you who celebrate it - Happy Passover.
Thanks for stopping by! Andrea


  1. That is so cute. I love how creative you were with the scrapbook supplies. I do scrapbooking and this would be an excellent way to use some of my Sizzix diecuts.