Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whatcha Making?

Whatcha making is a good question for this project. It started out as a scarf - not one of those warm winter ones but a delicate one to wear with a solid (boring) shirt to jazz it up.

Those of you that know me IRL know I infrequentely (well - never) follow a pattern when making a project unless I absolutely HAVE to - somehow I just take off and make what comes out -

well in this case I started to make a stripe of pretty shell stitches and decided it was too wide for a pretty delicate scarf. Fine width for a warm winter scarf - but problem - it was in thin bamboo yarn and therefore not gonna be whats a gal to do? I made another stripe and decided to join them together for a purse... .

I played around with some stitches to make an edging that was lace like and used super large snaps (like the size of a quarter) to hold the purse closed.

Recently I reconnected with a dear friend (hi Jo if you're here) and told her I wanted to make a 3D wall art of various flowers - crochet, paper, felt etc. So I was playing with crochet roses....they ended up on the purse.

This started out as a project that I didn't like too much - I didn't like the scarf - so I re-invented it - I didn't like the two stripes together as a purse - so I added to it - it ended up as a project that I love! I used it yesterday as my purse and really enjoyed it .

Thanks for looking!
P.S. I promise - I will get back to paper soon - maybe even - dare I say it - scrapbooking?


  1. That is cute. Even though it started out as something different, it turned out just right. Love the colors.

  2. LOVE your stuff! (I am here!) Jo

  3. That's very creative. Great effort.

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